TS20/ TS50 HVLP Spray Tanning Machine Information


Your TS20 machine should give you trouble free perfect tanning once you have learned and practiced how to use it .

There are a couple of common problems for new users 

Spray tan on the machine around the cable and hose connectors

The most likely cause is the positioning of the machine / gun whilst tanning :

The air intake on the TS20 is quite powerful and can suck overspray into the machine , a small amount of excess air does escape around the cable and hose inlet/outlets on the machine, this is normal but of course when solution mixes with the air via the intake you will find it around these areas.
Checklist :
Is the machine being kept outside the tent and well away from the area when spray tanning is being done, as overspray can collect in the filter and on the machine.
Is the gun being kept upright, if tipped it can cause solution to run down the hose and collect on the machine.
Is the filter clean, this should be kept clean at all times and is very accessible on the top of the machine to allow easy maintenance.
Using large amounts of solution per tan, gun nozzle dripping, lots of overspray
Earlex recommend that the adjustment is tightened fully , then turn back 1/4 to about 8.00 o'clock position. Depending on the solution being used you may need to adjust to nearer 7.00 o'clock, somewhere between the two is usually right.
You can test the spray pressure/volume on a kitchen towel or couch roll, it shouldn't come through the towel ,only cover the surface. The back of the towel should be dry, if it is coming through adjust to allow less solution.
When tanning it won't then run, only a fine mist on the skin which produces better results, uses less solution and therefore makes you more money :-).
Becoming familiar with the adjustments is therefore very important, don't try to spray your clients brown !!
For more helpful reading on spray tanning see http://www.salongeek.com/skin-geek/171916-spraying-tips.html